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Member Stories

NEASC understands that educators would like to see and share more examples of best practices and programs that member schools have created which align with the NEASC Standards for Accreditation and/or process. With that in mind, we are pleased to share with you stories told by and about members regarding their experiences.

Select a topic to read about members' experiences with NEASC Accreditation and programs inspired by the process.

Becoming a NEASC visitor: a personal journey to the next stage of learning

Professional Development, Volunteering/NEASC Team Member
"In becoming a visitor, NEASC was offering me a new string to my bow, a new challenge, a new way of working, a new opportunity to work to be my best self, to take the next step in my learning, to be able to say to the children in my care that we are all life-long learners and that this was the next stage in my learning. I might be the Head, but I could also learn a new skill!"

Preparing for Wellness during Transition

Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Student Wellness
Back to school is a time of significant transition and growth – the question on everyone’s mind is how to best prepare to succeed during a new academic year.

A Parent's Perspective on the Accreditation Process

A parent shares how exposure to school staff and leaders during the accreditation process has been extremely valuable to her.

The Increasing Demand for Career and Technical Education

Discover some of the factors driving the demand for the 21st century skills that CTE offers.
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