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Staff Directory

Name Title Phone (+1 ...) Email Focus
Jeff Bradley Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7774 jbradley<at>neasc.org International Education
Kelly Christian Director for Strategy and Membership 781-425-7742 kchristian<at>neasc.org Administration
Carol Dyson Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7739 cdyson<at>neasc.org Independent Schools
George Edwards Chief Accreditation Officer 781-425-7735 gedwards<at>neasc.org Administration
Daniel Ferris Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7728 dferris<at>neasc.org Independent Schools
Darlene Fisher International Accreditation Leader/Consultant 781-425-7700 dfisher<at>neasc.org International Education
Robin French Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7700 rfrench<at>neasc.org International Education
Alyson Geary Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7736 ageary<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Athena Gerochristodoulou International Accreditation Leader/Consultant 781-425-7700 ageroc<at>neasc.org International Education
Beth Hamilton Associate Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7737 bhamilton<at>neasc.org Independent Schools
Jinzhi Han Programmer Analyst 781-425-7700 jhan<at>neasc.org IT
Trillium Hibbeln Associate Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7779 thibbeln<at>neasc.org International Education
Lauren Irish Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7732 lirish<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Allice Jeng Lead Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7755 ajeng<at>neasc.org International Education
Warren Jeng Manager of System Programming and Development 781-425-7700 wjeng<at>neasc.org IT
Francis Kennedy Associate Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7749 fkennedy<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Claire Kinton Lead Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7715 ckinton<at>neasc.org Independent Schools
Misha Larson Manager of Accreditation Workshops and Events 781-425-7734 mlarson<at>neasc.org Events
Meri Mauro Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7700 mmauro<at>neasc.org Independent Schools
April McBrine Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7717 amcbrine<at>neasc.org International Education
Lori Medeiros Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7726 lmedeiros<at>neasc.org International Education
Kathleen Montagano Associate Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7760 kmontagano<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Jim Mooney Deputy Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7744 jmooney<at>neasc.org Independent Schools
Evan Morse Chief Operations Officer 781-425-7763 emorse<at>neasc.org Administration
Arlene Onorato Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7745 aonorato<at>neasc.org Independent Schools
Selena Rose Communications Manager 781-425-7771 srose<at>neasc.org Communications
Mary Salzer Accounting Manager 781-425-7705 msalzer<at>neasc.org Accounting
Ashley Sanchez Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7700 asanchez<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Bruce Sievers Associate Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7716 bsievers<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Barbara Simione Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7789 bsimione<at>neasc.org Independent Schools
Donna Spencer-Wilson Lead Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7719 dspencerwilson<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Melissa Spinosa Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7729 mspinosa<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Cameron Staples President/Chief Executive Officer 781-425-7707 cstaples<at>neasc.org Administration
Mark Stapleton Director, External Affairs 781-425-7709 mstapleton<at>neasc.org Administration
Brenda Thiel Human Resource Manager 781-222-1140 bthiel<at>neasc.org Human Resources
Diane Ullman International Accreditation Leader/Consultant 781-425-7778 dullman<at>neasc.org International Education
Margaret Valentine Educational Accreditation Coordinator 781-425-7733 mvalentine<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Bill Wehrli Associate Director for Accreditation and School Improvement 781-425-7718 bwehrli<at>neasc.org Public Schools
Kathy Willis Executive Assistant/Office Manager 781-425-7706 kwillis<at>neasc.org Administration

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